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BFA_AEN_PORT_DISCONNECT on Brocade 1010 firmware and driver version

Anybody has any idea if this is related to driver version or is a hardware problem or something else. We got lately few BFA_AEN_PORT_DISCONNECT on 3 ESXi host version 4.1 build 1198252 out of 9 in the one cluster. ESXi hosts are on IBM x3650 M3 hardware with CNA Brocade 1010 running firmware and driver version

vmkernel: 56:01:31:37.857 cpu19:2343044)BFA BFA_AEN_PORT_DISCONNECT: Base port (WWN = 10:00:00:05:1e:de:71:df) lost fabric connectivity.

vmkernel: 56:01:31:37.897 cpu14:4110)BFA BFA_AEN_PORT_DISCONNECT: Base port (WWN = 10:00:00:05:1e:e6:56:f8) lost fabric connectivity.

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