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    Leveraging our long-standing industry leadership in Ethernet, Broadcom offers solutions for a wide range of applications that require switching solutions in enterprise networking, small and medium businesses, industrial networks, gateway and retail routers, and enterprise access points.

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  • Hi Eran, Good to know you found the problem. For your related question, It requires to use the IMP tag OPCODE=0001 operation. Set Tag Format bit[44] DST_ID field DST_ID[12]=1, and DST_ID[11:0]=MGID: assign one MC group to handle broadcast or ...

  • Dear Ryan, I have carried out the below tests for the Port trunk's redundancy feature, 1. As said previously I have connected Port 0 and Port 1 of Device 1 to Port 0 and Port 1 of device 2. 2. I have enabled the port trunk feature using the page 0x32, ...

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