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version control

Hi guys

anyone doing version control with traffic script code? How?

My 2 cents: this should be built-in the TM GUI...


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Re: version control

I agree this is an important and necessary feature.

Someone did this:Backup Stingray Configurations to Git



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Re: version control


Are you using the Stingray Plugin for Eclipse? If you are, there are many tools on the Internet that allow you to integrate version control systems with Eclipse.



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Re: version control

Hi all

i guess that is a "quick way" to do it.

let's say you got the trunk from the server. You make your branch, change, merge with the trunk and then your release to live is a paste and save on eclipse.

And then you cannot use the web interface for scripts otherwise the trunk will be messed up unless you make some kind of extra server script to sync the trunk with the TM.

It's a nice proof of concept and a must do for large code deployments, not so good for quick scripting. The versioning on the web interface will make it more usable. Having to search for old code on the backups it's a ... you know

Thanks for your help.

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