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timezone of client to use in STM trafficscript

Hi All,

does anybody already managed to use the clients-timezone within a trafficscript rule?

i know it could be found via javascript-function, but i don't have a idea how to transport this information to STM...


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Re: timezone of client to use in STM trafficscript

One example using an external service to map the geoip information into a timezone name or ID.

$ip = request.getRemoteIP();

$lat = geo.getLatitude( $ip );

$long = geo.getLongitude( $ip );

$googlejson = http.request.get( ''.$lat.','.$long.'&timestamp=0&sensor=false' );

$googlehash = json.deserialize( $googlejson );

$timeZoneName = $googlehash['timeZoneName'];

$timeZoneId = $googlehash['timeZoneId']; "Time Zone Name: ".$timeZoneName ); "Time Zone ID: ".$timeZoneId );

*This rule will add the time it will take to look up the information form Google.

**I would read the  The Google Time Zone API - Google Maps API Web Services — Google Developers before use. You may want to get your own key.

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