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https monitoring in the glb

We have one glb service and its configured ,.. URL we are using is only work over https.. how we can do the monitoring using complete URL

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Re: https monitoring in the glb

Hello @Nishant


We see you have a TAC case open regarding this issue. While engaged with TAC Support working on a resolution, please continue to communicate directly with your TAC Support rep to avoid any private, customer-specific information from being posted to the Community. Once your post is resolved, we will make sure to post the generic resolution back to the Community to help other members.


Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to help faciliate your case resolution.


Best Regards,


Denise K.

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Re: https monitoring in the glb



I have tried to open the TAC case but they did npt provide any technical person as the current verion is 10.1 . i explianed to the support that i did not require any trouble shooting its just need help for new confirgration which does not have any impact but they refuse.


If you can forward this to anyone please check




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Re: https monitoring in the glb

just an update this is the URL with the SNI enabled

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Re: https monitoring in the glb

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@Nishant   @DeniseK


Just checking in:  TAC Support has been trying to reach you.  Please respond directly to TAC Support or if this matter is closed on your end please let me know.


If there is anything else I can assist or support you on the Community please do not hesistate to @mention me.




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