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enableNodes API call - Stingray


I am using the Stingray API to make several calls without issue however the enableNodes call is failing with a message that the node I am attempting to enable is not disabled in the pool.  However in the code below you can see that I am first getting a collection of disabled nodes and then just trying to enable one of the disabled nodes.

Any tips on what I am doing wrong would be appreciated.  I apologize for the use of vb, but no one is perfect.

For Each strPool In sssProxy.getPools()

                For Each strNode In splProxy.getDisabledNodes(New String() {strPool})(0)

                            Dim strPoolArray(0) As String

                            Dim strPoolNode(0)() As String

                            strPoolArray(0) = strPool

                            strPoolNode(0) = New String() {strNode, strNode}

                            splProxy.enableNodes(strPoolArray, strPoolNode)



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Re: enableNodes API call - Stingray


Can I ask you to please provide us with some output from your VB to show the list of nodes being returned by the splProxy.getDisabledNodes() call and maybe enumerate the subsequent splProxy.enableNodes() call?




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