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What is the best way to optimize my infrastructure? Please advice!

We are now looking for a way to optimize traffic from one of our customers to our existing Amazon infrastructure that is located in N.California region. The customer is having network issues in some of his offices. All the customer traffic is routed through East Cost. So in the L.A office , for example in order to reach our services they go all the way to the east coast in order to get to the internet, and then all the way back to N. California, where our data center is located. Can someone please shed some light what is the best to implement SteelHead appliances for our clients infrastructure. The client already has SteelHead appliance in the East Cost data center. In our amazon infrastructure we can deploy SteelApp ami. Do we need to pair or connect existing on premise Riverbed appliance to our Amazon instance?. Do we need another SteealHead appliance in the LA office for best result? What is the best way to optimize this topology using SteelHead and SteelApp appliances?

Thank you in advance.

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Re: What is the best way to optimize my infrastructure? Please advice!

Hi Dimitriy,

Having a SteelApp in Amazon would allow you to load balance and optimize the application itself. The SteelApp would also run the Steelhead discovery agent and detect any Cloud SteelHeads you have deployed alongside the SteelApp. The SteelApp should then use the local Cloud SteelHead to optimize the traffic between Amazon and the SteelHead on the east coast.



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