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User authentication - please help - traffic script

Please see the attachment as its not currently letting me to copy and paste into this window. My browser is not liking me today.

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Re: User authentication - please help - traffic script

Hi Clinton,

Your scipt is missing any code to get the username/password from the client. An example using HTTP Basic Authorization, would require something like this to be added before you run the auth.query():

$authHeader = http.getHeader("Authorization");

if ( string.startswith($authHeader, "Basic") ) {

  $decode = string.base64decode( string.skip($authHeader, 6) );

  $userpass = string.split($decode, ":");

} else {

  http.sendResponse("401 Auth Required", "text/plain", "This resource is protected. Please log in", "WWW-Authenticate: Basic realm=\"Secure Area\"");


$user_name = $userpass[0];

$password = $userpass[1];



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