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Trafficmanager timeout

1. Hi, Im getting the following error from my zxtm error logs.

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Not sure what needs to be done or the route cause. Can anyone help here to understand the issue here please.

All my timeout values are within acceptable ranges.

2. I could find following different timeout setting in Pool Monitors and Virtual Servers. Which of these will be effective of applied both.?


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Pool Monitor

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Thanks in advance.

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Re: Trafficmanager timeout

Hi Fahim:

Could you check if you can reach one LB to other by making a ping to a DNS name?

For example, if you have two LB named as LB1 and LB2, make a ping from LB1 to LB2 and viceversa.

If you cant reach one to other, add in the /etc/hosts file the appropiate IP of both machines

In LB1:



same for /etc/hosts in LB2



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