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TrafficScript API

Hi Everyone,


I'm new to Riverbed/Brocade LBs and I'm looking for some kind of TrafficScript reference, with every possible command listed and explained. Similar to what we can find on DevCentral for iRules:


Is there anything like it? Sorry if this was already asked and answered previously, but I was just not able to find anything relevant.


Thanks in advance,


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Re: TrafficScript API

Hello, there is a detailed reference guide to all TrafficScript functions, as well as additional information on how to 

Brocade Virtual Traffic Manager: TrafficScript Guide (link for Traffic Manager v10.1)


There are also reference guides on how to manage Traffic Manager using RESTful APIs, Configuration settings, Java extensions and more, see here for a complete list of vADC documentation.


The Rules> Edit page also has a link to TrafficScript Help, a quick reference guide for all TrafficScript functions.



P, ...


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Re: TrafficScript API

Thanks Paul, it looks great.

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