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Stingray compatible with vMotion ?

Hi. I'd like to know if Stingray is compatible with the VMware feature vMotion.

And if so, is there any official document about that?

I looked for it everywhere but I couldn't. would you guys help me?

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Re: Stingray compatible with vMotion ?

Stingray Traffic Manager is compatible with vMotion functionality of VMware. In my experience, the functionality has been same as moving other guests VM's, and typically reliant on the configuration of the host machines and connectivity involved. 

Recommended read "VMware vSphere  5.1 - vMotion Architecture, Performance and Best Practices"  published at  VMware vMotion: Virtual Machine Live Migration

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Re: Stingray compatible with vMotion ?

We regularly vMotion our STM’s and have never experienced a single issue.

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