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Stingray Crashed

Hello all,

This morning, we have an issue to communicate with our web services go through our Stingray.

You have two Stingray in cluster.

After some search, we noticed that our primary Stingray was crashed.

We switched all web services from primary Stingray to the second one  and all web services are working now with this secondary Stingray.

This issue happened twice already.

Also, we didn’t received logs to inform us about primary Stingray crashed.

All services go through this primary Stingray didn’t work and neither Stingray logs about this crashed appeared on our Stingray home page.

Could explain me how to see (or to enable) these specific (system) log?

Thank you.



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Re: Stingray Crashed

Hi Adrien,

This is not a forum for technical support. I would suggest that you open a critical P1 ticket at the Riverbed Support site, or call the support line.



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Re: Stingray Crashed

Hi Adrien:

Maybe the problem was in the SO running under Stingray. Check the logs in the SO : /var/log



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Re: Stingray Crashed

Hi Adrien - you'll find the event log in ZEUSHOME/zxtm/log/errors - any crashes (albeit unlikely!) will be recorded there.  ZEUSHOME is typically /usr/local/zeus (software installs) or /opt/zeus (virtual appliance).  The Stingray software does not log to syslog unless you configure an event handler to do so.

You can also view the event log through the UI (from the home page).

You should raise this as a P1 case with support if you have not already done so, as per Mark Boddington's suggestion



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