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Multiple SSL Domains hosted on the Same IP

I have 2 SSL websites that i am trying to host on the same IP. I have loaded the Certs on the virtual server.

Some clients seem to work ok but others like Windows XP with IE get the wrong cert.

I wish i could just ignore the Windows XP systems but they are still about 25% of my traffic.

What is my best option for fixing this issue?

Do i have to provision a different IP and split it up that way?

Both sites are hosted on the same web server.

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Re: Multiple SSL Domains hosted on the Same IP

Splitting by IP address is the way to go if you have clients not supporting SNI and the domains are different (i.e. you can't use SSL wildcards): Server Name Indication - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Fortunately you can map IP addresses to SSL certificates at the Virtual Server level, you don't need to create two different Traffic IP groups.

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