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Missing persistence types

I am looking at our Load balance vTM 10.4 The documentation @ is listing 9 choices for persistence types. On our load balancer, we are only seeing 7. There is no 'Universal Session Persistence' or 'Named Node Session Persistence'. My client has done their own research and is aware of the difference between what is the in documentation, and what we are actually seeing on the device. I have a feeling he would like to use one of the two that is not showing up. My question is: where did the other 2 go? The Documentation says they should be there.

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Re: Missing persistence types

That may very well be dependent on which license is installed. Not all licenses will support all persistence classes.

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Re: Missing persistence types


While enaged with TAC Support working on a resolution please continue to communicate directly with your TAC support rep to avoid any private customer specific information from being posted to the community.  Once your post is resolved, we will make sure to post the generic resolution back to the community to help other members.


Please let me know if there is anything else I can help facilliate your case resolution.


Thank you


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