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LDAP user authentication and multiple Stingray permission groups

I am attempting to configure LDAP user authentication and was wondering if having multiple Stingray permission groups would require multiple Active Directory groups. Or is it configurable within the Stingray Authenticators section of the UI to have some people who share the same AD group to reside in different permission groups. We are currently using local users.

For example, there are 2 groups in AD, group 1 are all admins, but within AD group 2 different people have need for different permissions so they are in different permission groups on the Stingray.

Thanks for any help or suggestions.

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Re: LDAP user authentication and multiple Stingray permission groups

Hi Ashley,

If a user cannot be found in the list of local users, then the credentials are tested against any Authenticators i.e LDAP in your case. In the configuration portion of the LDAP on the TM, the group returned for the user will be given based on the AD information and if the user entered is not part of any group in the AD, the only configuration possible on the TM is to define a fallback group that is defined locally.



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