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Is it possible that Netscaler "sure connection" feature implement using traffic script?

Hi All

I`m Hyunsu,Lee

Do you know the Netscaler "Sure Connection" feature?

("Sure Connection" feature is to guide the user.

When the server is busy, the feature will tell the user waiting time to access the page.

After completion of the access latency ,the feature will be automatically accesses the server.)


Our customers want to implement some function like "sure connection".

They want to know that if the server is busy, they want to tell end user some information.( completion time of the access latency, delay user count..)

I wonder that the feature is implemented using our Traffic Script is possible.

if it is possible?please tell me know.

Thank you~

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Re: Is it possible that Netscaler "sure connection" feature implement using traffic script?

Use the service level monitor functionality to define the response threshold, and then take the action of your choice i.e. redirect to another page or as in the following article.

Feature Brief: Service Level Monitoring

You could modify the http.sendResponse from the example and include the rate.getBacklog information

# Time this request using the Service Level Monitoring class 
connection.setServiceLevelClass( "Search timer" )
$backlog = rate.getbacklog( "Search Limit" );
# Test if any of the recent requests fell outside the desired SLM threshold 
if( slm.conforming( "Search timer" ) < 100 )
   if( rate.getBacklog( "Search limit" ) > 0 )
      # To minimize response time, always send a 503 Too Busy response if the  
      # request exceeds the configured rate of 100/second. 
      # You could also use http.redirect() to a more pleasant 'sorry' page or send a local HTML file, but 
      # 503 errors can be easier to monitor  
      http.sendResponse( 503, "Too busy",  
         "<h1>We're too busy!!! Currently ".$backlog. "connections are in the queue</h1>",
         "Pragma: no-cache" )
   } else
      # Shape the traffic to 100/second 
      rate.use( "Search limit" )

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