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How to safely switch from Multicast Heartbeats to Unicast Heartbeats?

I have a cluster of 4 SteelApp Traffic Managers that has always been using multicast communication for heartbeats between TMs.

I want to do big network changes that will make multicast temporarily unavailable. Because of this, I plan to fully switch the cluster to unicast communication. At least for the time of the network migration.

How does a cluster behave if you switch it to unicast? In case of failure I am mainly worried about a TM unable to communicate with the others, trying to grab all traffic group IP addresses.

Is there a way to do this change safely? Maybe disabling temporarily fault tolerance?

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Re: How to safely switch from Multicast Heartbeats to Unicast Heartbeats?


    There shouldn't be any problems.  A TCPDUMP on my system during a multicast to unicast conversion, it just keeps ticking.  So long as the STM's can see each other and can communicate via UDP 9090, you should be good.

root@i-stm001:~# tcpdump -ni any  udp port 9090

tcpdump: verbose output suppressed, use -v or -vv for full protocol decode

listening on any, link-type LINUX_SLL (Linux cooked), capture size 65535 bytes


00:17:47.173873 IP > UDP, length 70

00:17:47.461110 IP > UDP, length 70

00:17:47.469244 IP > UDP, length 70

00:17:47.969215 IP > UDP, length 70

00:17:48.460930 IP > UDP, length 70

00:17:48.470873 IP > UDP, length 70

Per the documentation though, make sure you have a non zero value for the "state_sync_time" setting:

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