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How to get the Historical Activity from the command line or API?

Hi guys

i'm trying to get the Historical Activity from any other way then the Web interface, the idea is to automate that task.

I've looked at zcli,Control API and Rest interface and i couldn't find it. The similar is stats but it doesnt provide the same information.

After searching here i've found this but this is for generating graphs. I've noticed it is using an executable called graph.line. Any other tool to get the traffic_history.tsv? A command line tool? I can imagine this tool gets the Historical Data and generates the graphs. How? Where is the raw data?

Looks like a Question Spree, sorry about that.

Thanks for your help.

Kind regards,


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Re: How to get the Historical Activity from the command line or API?

Hi Joao,

The stats which are used to generate the historical activity graphs are stored in the logs/statd folder. Inside you will find a folder for your stingray containing files named <date>.log.

The file is tab separated. Each line will start with a "V" for Virtual Server, "P" for Pool, or "N" for Node. The next column will be the name of the object, and then three columns for connections, bits out, and bits in.



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