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Exchange CAS server timeouts

For any of you who have set up Exchange 2010 on Stingray could you share your time out values?

I'm interested to see what values people have found to be stable.

The Exchange deployment guide recommends 300 seconds, we have recently resolved outlook disconnects by changing it to 1200.


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Re: Exchange CAS server timeouts

Hi Mathew,

in a recent deployment, we set the RPC Virtual Server timeouts to 7200 seconds (2 hours), this put a stop to the annoying "reconnecting" messages...


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Re: Exchange CAS server timeouts

Aside from RPC you also need to adjust the HTTPS timeout to something like 1800 since 10 secs (default) is too quick for an external connection (i.e Internet). The Outlook Anywhere (OA) and AutoDiscovery (AD) will always get disconnected....


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Re: Exchange CAS server timeouts

I was talking to a NetApp guy and he said: "For the MAPI/RPC virtual servers you'll need to set the timeout to 2 hours (7200 seconds) or more to stop the annoying reconnecting messages."

He also said: "For the MAPI/RPC pools, connection management, set nodeconn_close to yes.  This drops the
MAPI connection when the CAS goes down, otherwise it will freeze Outlook while it times out.  You'll need this on all three pools."

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Re: Exchange CAS server timeouts

Thanks all for the feedback guys we will surely increase the timeout and also turn on the 'nodeconn_close'

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