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Exchange 2010 Pools during coexistence with Exchange 2013

Hey guys,

when configuring stingray traffic manager to load balance exchange 2010, rpc/mapi/135 and rpc/mb/59532 pools were created with traffic rules setup to handle the required RPC Persistence.

Now with Exchange 2013 this persistence is not  needed, but while I am in co-existence, do I need to leave these virtual servers here or can I remove them, and have ALL 2010 outlook mailboxes come directly to the exchange 2013 CAS virtual server?


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Re: Exchange 2010 Pools during coexistence with Exchange 2013

Hi Andrew,

If TS is taking care of your persistence needs while taking traffic on the 2013 VS, you can remove the 2010 virtual servers. Obviously, the pool selection and the client's usage of the appropriate VS will make your solution work.

Please let us know if there is any other information that needs clarity.


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