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EC2 Auto-Scale error


I am trying to initiate auto-scale and I keep getting the following error -

Cloud Credentials EC2-AutoScale: Got process error: 'INVALID_RESPONSE Could not determine local availability zone.' and output.

I entered the subnet and public IP address in the under "extra arguments", but to no avail.  The syntax may be incorrect as well


The above is associated with a configured VPC and elastic IP.



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Re: EC2 Auto-Scale error

Hi John

What version of Stingray are you running in AWS?

To verify your EC2 account settings are not the cause of the problem are you able to allocate a new private IP with the Stingray UI (System, Networking, VPC Networking)?


Jim Young

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Re: EC2 Auto-Scale error

Hi Jim,

Thanks for the clarification and configuration information regarding AMI/Instance IDs, subnets and associated availability zones all within the context of a VPC to get auto-scale working properly.


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