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Drainstopping Terminal Server farm connection doesn't work ?


I'm using SteelApp / Stingray Traffic Manager Virtual Appliance 1000 M 9.6r1 to load balance 60 Windows Server 2008 R2 RDSH (Terminal Server) VMs.

It is currently configured as follows:

Load Balancing algorithm: Perceptive

Session Persistence: IP-based persistence

I have already set some of the server in the Pool to be drainstopped with the current status is "draining" but I don't know why people still able to access the same server that is drainstopping ?

Usually when it is drainstopping is that the number of connected session is reducing but I found it otherwise, more people still able to onenct to this server.

How do I ensure that people not able to conent to this particular server during the maintenance window ?

Thanks in advance.

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