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Customized Error-Page visible only with Firefox, not with IE !?

Hi @ all,

I´ve a little problem, hope, somebody could help here ...

We generated a customized Error-Page, really simple, only 2 lines and an image, named it error.html

In TM -> Catalogs -> Extra Files -> Misc Files I did an upload of this html-file, an I can see it in /opt/zeus/zxtm-9.4/conf_B/extra

I select it also in vServer -> Connection Management -> Connection Error Setting -> error_file

Now when I call my site with Firefox, my customized Error Page will be displayed, but when I call the same site with IE,

I only get an HTTP 500 Error, but not my Error Page.

Does anybody else have the same problem, or can anybody help?

Firefox is Version 18.0.1, IE Version 9



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Re: Customized Error-Page visible only with Firefox, not with IE !?

A weird one to be sure, but I have seen stranger things...

My suggestion would be to use a tool like [HTTPWatch](HttpWatch 9.4: HTTP Sniffer for IE, Firefox, iPhone and iPad) to capture client side traces for both IE and Firefox and look at the differences. You might need to use [Wireshark](Wireshark | if you need something free.

Failing that, you can call the TAC to raise a support case..

If you do get traces, let us know what you see that is different between the two.. I'd be interested to see what is happening...



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