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Configuring Brocade VTM VMware Appliance for the first time

Hi All,


I've successfully imported the ZeusTM_101_Virtual-Appliance-x86_64_vmware into the ESXi server, but somehow it is defaulting itself to so is there anyway to change the IP address to the same VLAN as my laptop ?


My goal is to be able to import the settings exported from the production Steel App before turning off the passive node on the Production Steel App appliance.



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Re: Configuring Brocade VTM VMware Appliance for the first time

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The default IP address and manual IP setting is covered in the Install Guide for VMware Virtual Appliance: screen shot attached for the default IP, and the following pages deal with manual settings. However, you may also need to look at how DHCP is set up on your system and network.


This test VM should work if you are investigating the upgrade process, writing TrafficScript rules, etc.


However, if your objective is to upgrade the active/passive nodes in production, please call Support.


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