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Conditional redirect using trafficscript

Hi All,

Recently a customer of ours utilized a redirect script to good effect, but it doesn't tick all the boxes on a new requirement they have.

I have tried in my limited non-programmer way to figure out the best way to achieve the new requirement with no real luck and thought I would ask in here.

Essentially the problem is this - the customer uses whitelabelling on a given Virtual Server, and wants a specific dynamic redirect to happen - namely that if the full URL is<whatever> they want this rewritten to<whatever>. The domain can and will be different all the time.

This isnt as easy as it seems from what I can tell, as it needs the host header rewritten, and then the url path conditionally rewritten to add the /blog/ in front of the <whatever>

Does anyone have any suggestions on where to start?



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Re: Conditional redirect using trafficscript

Hi Adam,

If I've understood your issue correctly, then the below TrafficScript should work. Given a list of hostnames, we change the host to be some other host and optionally add a start path to the one provided.

$hosts = [ "" => "",

           "" => "" ];

$host = http.getHostHeader();

if ( hash.contains($hosts, $host) ) {

   if ( string.regexMatch($hosts[$host], "([^/]*)(/.*)") ) {

      $path = http.getPath();  

      http.setHeader("Host", $1);

      http.setPath($2 . $path);

   } else {

      http.setHeader("Host", $hosts[$host]);



This does a rewrite of the request, so it is transparent to the browser. If you prefered you could instead issue a redirect. All you need to do is change the setheader() to be a http.redirect() with the full path, eg http.redirect("http://" . $hosts[$host]).



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Re: Conditional redirect using trafficscript


I am using the same traffic script as Adam has specified and I would like to have the following adjustments:

When a URL rule has upper case characters as a requirement, using the same URL with lower case does not work eg:      works      does not work

The second adjustment is that some of the URL's when redirected to the home page eg: to

It gets the error - Bad Request - Invalid URL HTTP Error 400 the Request URL is invalid.

Could you please advise of an adjustment to the previously specified rule that can be used to counter these?

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