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Can I put a service on Stingray into maintenance mode?

I usually use a htaccess file on my app server to redirect everyone but my ip to a maintenance.html page .... I was foolishly trying to do this with my app server behind Stingray traffic manager but of course it didn't work .... is there a way to do the same thing with traffic manager?

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Re: Can I put a service on Stingray into maintenance mode?

Try the following request rule

$ip = request.getRemoteIP();

# Don't intercept requests from my IP address

if( $ip =="" ) break;

http.sendResponse( "503 Too Busy", "text/plain",

  "Sorry. No one can serve you right now", "" );

There are lots of other things you could do rather than directly sending the response:

http.redirect( "" );

Also, take a look at Using Stingray Traffic Manager as a Webserver.

Finally, you could continue to use your .htaccess solution if you passed the source IP address through to Apache, using mod_remoteip as described in IP Transparency: Preserving the Client IP address in Stingray Traffic Manager

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