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Application Firewall error after upgrading to 9.8r2


Is it normal that I have the following error after upgrading to the 9.8r2:

  • AMP error response: stderr output from zeus.afmcontrol: Use of uninitialized value in string eq at /opt/zeus/zxtmadmin/lib/perl/Zeus/ZXTM/ line 555. 
  • There was a problem reading the Stingray Application Firewall state.


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Re: Application Firewall error after upgrading to 9.8r2

No, this is not normal. If possible, please contact Riverbed support, as some context (was this a VA, where did you upgrade from, what's in the upgrade and error log etc) will be needed to track down what's going wrong here.

Does this error persist or do things settle down after a while?

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