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AWS Cloudformation / Puppet - Stingray TrafficMangers Automation


I want to be able to write an AWS cloudformation script so that I can deploy a Stingray TrafficManager, we are in the process of building a new Production environment and we want to be able to automate the deployment. I would sooner not use the console at all and have everything configured up using Cloudformation and Metadata, ideally I would want to have 2 of them in my VPC and clustered across multiple availability zones.

I would also what to setup the Virtual Servers and Pools as part of the Cloudformation script or get them connected to our Puppet Server and use the Puppet module to do this, in any case I want to try and automate the entire process.

Any help with this would be great



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Re: AWS Cloudformation / Puppet - Stingray TrafficMangers Automation

Hi Darren

Did you try the Reference guide for the Stingray puppet module?

Check this out :

Stingray Traffic Manager Puppet Module: Reference Guide



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