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AWS Autoscale script

Hi guys


I was wondering if any of you have some sort of guide / template / script for use with the vADC and AWS integration ?


Yes I am lazy, so if I can piggyback on something someone has done before I would much appreciate it.


It is for the autoscaling of pools, and keeping the pool in sync with a AWS autoscale group.


If not, I will stop being lazy :)


Thank you




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Re: AWS Autoscale script

Ill stop being lazy :)
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Re: AWS Autoscale script

Hello - did you manage to make this work? You can use external autoscaling (setting within vTM) and run scripts on the ASG instances to add and remove nodes from the pool - or register the nodes with route53 (or another DNS service) and use DNS autoscaling.


If you are using CloudFormation, then this article may also be useful:

"Deploying Brocade Virtual Traffic Manager cluster in AWS through a CloudFormation template"


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Re: AWS Autoscale script

Hi Andre,

Please check out the CloudFormation template and associated script that you can use as a starting point:

Template uses "" script that is run from cron to check running EC2 instances with a particular tag, and update vTM cluster pool config to reflect what it finds.

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