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Puppetize your Stingray Traffic Manager

by fmemon on ‎03-15-2013 01:24 PM (3,888 Views)

Stingray is the most flexible Application Delivery Controller (ADC)  out there.  Earlier this week we announced Flyscript where you can automate and script the management of Stingray using a Python based SDK.  Now, you can puppetize your Stingray deployment with the Stingray Traffic Manager Puppet Module.

If you haven't used Puppet yet, it's a great tool to manage software; and since Stingray is software you can use Puppet to manage it.  The Stingray Traffic Manager Puppet Module will automatically download and install the Stingray Traffic Manager software onto your selected Linux server.  From there you can join a cluster, create virtual servers, create pools, etc.  When you're done you can check the manifest you've created into a repository for safe keeping.  What's really great is that you can then re use this manifest to spin up any number of Stingray Traffic Managers; really helpful if you're trying to get up and running quickly.

I created a reference guide with some examples to help you get started.