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"Smarketing" – What's That?

by BarbaraSpicek on ‎07-27-2009 08:40 AM (396 Views)

That’s marketing with a big S for ‘smart’ in front of it. As part of my ‘listen and learn’ exercise, talking to the channel and finding out what they really need and want from a vendor, the demand for smart marketing cooperation and coordination with a vendor comes up more and more often.

Within a highly competitive channel environment, network business partners are looking for smart ways to differentiate themselves. Awareness campaigns, promotions, sheer industry visibility, and smart lead generation are a MUST in today’s business world, but not all channel partners have marketing resources in-house to make it happen. What do you do when you do not have enough resources and but still need to generate demand? Smarten up around utilizing all possible resources. Brocade is leading the way in providing our channel partners with not only the funding, but the ideas, campaigns, event support and much more to help them meet their marketing goals.

Throughout the years while working within channels I am constantly stunned by channel partners having huge marketing funds available, yet not using them. Brocade aims to be more of a marketing advisor than simply another vendor. We provide unmatched support to  our channels partners, including playbooks and comprehensive toolkits that are customized for individual partners based on size, location, campaign and market segment.

As a vendor, we are far more valuable to partners by not only throwing dollars at them, but also leading them to the right campaigns and visibility. We try to be more of the marketing advisors than simply another vendor on the books. Any vendor can blast out generic marketing campaign material, but Brocade goes the extra step in fine tuning marketing to be real joint campaigning and our partner’s fingerprints all over it… That’s what ‘Smarketing’ is all about.