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Your Data Center is Here!

by John.McHugh on ‎06-16-2011 06:10 AM - last edited on ‎10-28-2013 08:40 PM by bcm6 (955 Views)

If you’ve read the Wall Street JournalFortune Magazine, popular trade publications like Network Computing or surf networking sites online, you’ve probably seen our “The Data Center is Here” advertising campaign running with several different images. Each one of the images are trying to create awareness that the evolution of information technology is creating a world, as we've been articulating in our vision for over a year, where applications and information can reside anywhere, can come from anywhere, and be consumed anywhere.


The power of our new advertising campaign is to help customers realize that traditional data center architectures are evolving. In fact, I’ll take that one step further; they need to fundamentally change as they try to keep up with information accessibility and the hunger that exists throughout the IT ecosystem to have immediate information to satisfy business needs and the ability to be productive.


The reason we gravitated toward “The Data Center is Here” as the tagline is that it celebrates the heritage of our company. We see this specific campaign as transitionary from where we were four or five years ago, as the unquestioned leader in data center architectures, to a company that is evolving just as the industry and the IT challenge is evolving to being able to extrapolate data center architectures to any area of the network.


And what we've done from an innovation and acquisition standpoint has meant that our company as a whole, as well as our specific products and technology, are incredibly unique and innovative in a way that no other company is able to match.  We now tout the ability to ship Ethernet fabrics, a product of our deep technical heritage in fabric development and our deep technical heritage in Ethernet, to create a deterministic, lossless fabric for the virtualization of servers.  More importantly, as we announce technologies and architectures like CloudPlex, we're now saying how we're going to use that architectural model to be able to extend the infrastructure of a traditional data center anywhere into the Internet.





When you dig into these advertisements, and you think about the tagline, “The Data Center is Here”, we thought it did an exceptional job of hitting on the poignancy of what most customers are thinking about as frequently as any technology challenge right now. How do I grow my business while evolving my IT?  How do I embrace the cloud?  How do I virtualize?  How do I implement new technologies like virtual desktop infrastructure, to virtualize my clients?  These are the things that are top of mind, and this tagline really speaks to that.


Ultimately it establishes the link between what customers care about, and what Brocade is great at.  It’s very powerful because it captures how this fundamental shift in IT will impact all elements of the traditional information ecosystem. Brocade’s message is different and better because it uniquely recognizes how this evolution will impact and enable our customers, our partners and solution providers from small businesses, to global corporations, service providers and all aspects of the public sector from state and local government to the largest federal agencies.