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You've Been Warned, the Revolution Will Not Be Televised

by MaxRiggsbee on ‎07-09-2009 07:08 PM (384 Views)

The iPhone awakes and begins to play a snippet from a Bobby McFerrin tune. It’s 6:00 am and the sun is cresting the horizon. Reaching across the nightstand I grab the phone, and for a moment consider the snooze option. Instead, I enter the pass code and initiate the morning routine by selecting one of the sixteen squares illuminating against the black glass surface.

Pressing the email icon brings those accounts to life.  What unfolds next mimics choreography found in a modern dance.  With my thumb I scroll, press and swipe on the glass. If this dance were a movie, it would be The Good, The Bad and the Ugly as I find, keep and discard mail. Next up, the calendar. Pressing the icon reveals today's business and personal events, updating in real-time, consolidated and color coded on the screen.

Next, with a swipe of my thumb, pages of icons exit stage left and are quickly replaced by another group representing the electronic versions of newspapers. I skim headlines by pressing icons and watching the screen fill with news. A few more swipes and I’m reading what friends and family are up to on Facebook. Finally, I press the egg icon to check those I’m following and push a few links to those following me on Twitter.  All this activity takes place in a few minutes from a seemingly magical handheld device.  But the magic isn't in the phone. The magic exists beyond it.

In the vastness of the Internet live collections of applications, data and services. These early forming clouds of information enable us to grab email from various providers. The clouds synchronize calendars where ever we are in the world. The clouds keep us current with friends and family. The clouds enable us to consume or share information and be entertained. The best part is we can move seamlessly between smart phones, netbooks and laptops. Our information is accessible in the car, home, office or even a plane.  With each passing day, access to applications and data becomes more independent of devices and locations.

Achieving this level of mobility, ubiquity and variety is greatly facilitated by our ServerIron technology.  Our application delivery controller is the gateway to many services used across the Internet today. We enable access to web applications and the data needed by applets (think smart phones) and traditional desktop applications.  The ServerIron platform ensures servers are available whether you’re clicking a link, downloading a file, accessing a business application or streaming a movie.  As client demand increases, ServerIron automatically balances the load among servers to minimize delays. As the gateway to servers and applications, ServerIron plays a role in traffic management and ensuring service is available, even when sites are under siege.

There is no doubt we are in the infant stages of massive and iterative data growth. In time, bits are replacing books, streams are replacing broadcasts and browser tabs host Office like applications. We’ll say, “do you remember when?”  -- When I installed applications, when my hard disk crashed, when forgot I needed my laptop for that presentation, when I used Encarta, when I listened to AM/FM radio over the air, when Netflix  sent movies in the mail, when the newspaper was at my front door?

In 2009, the FCC shutdown the analog airways to make room for wireless broadband. The reality of any-data anytime and anywhere is closing in. As always “on” becomes the norm, the clouds will swell with data, become sophisticated and critical to how we live.  Always “on” means never off. Always “on” means secure. Always “on” means never waiting whether moving or stationary, in a car or a plane, using a smart phone or a netbook.

The analog evolution is yielding to the digital revolution. ADX, the next generation of ServerIron will deliver the performance, extensibility and scalability required to arc clients along the digital rainbow and into the data in the cloud. Our clear performance leadership, unique approach to virtualization (CBV) and programmable personality cards provide the platform to meet application delivery needs including Software (SaaS) and Infrastructure (IaaS) service demands emanating from within the Clouds.

Just remember, the revolution will not be televised, it will be streamed.