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What would Shakespeare think?

by DebDutta on ‎12-18-2009 11:47 AM (377 Views)


With  a quill in hand as he wrote his masterpieces, the world's greatest poet and  playwright could not have dreamt that his works would one day be read on a back  lit screen on a tablet marked ‘Amazon’.  No offence to the ‘leather bound  printed form factor’ which will always have a certain appeal to noveau riche as  a blatant show of discerning taste and intellectual  sophistication.

Vanity aside, you can buy a digital version of Hamlet or  Merchant of Venice for a mere US$2.39 on the Amazon store and download the  electronic book wirelessly onto a portable e-reader Kindle. Joining the e-book  reader device club are Barnes & Noble’s The Nook, Bookeen’s Cybook Opus from  Germany and the latest member  from Sony Japan – The Daily Edition Reader.


Far  from demeaning these classical works, digital distribution by e-book sellers  such as Amazon opens up a new world for readers. The delivery is convenient - no  cables, computer just a cellular network. There is no waiting time for stuff to  show up on screen. Amazon's promise is that a book will be downloaded in no more  than 60 seconds.  Of course, the best technology is useless without content… and  content thankfully does not have a supply side problem! Amazon today offers some  350,000 e-books for download on the digital Kindle, each of which stores up to  3,500 books on the most expensive version.

In  this explosion of creation and distribution of digital data, Petabytes of  storage will need to be transferred at multiples of ten gigabits per second as  providers go about delivering over a network. While the ebook readers of our  time will blaze the trail in creating the thinnest, lightest devices with the  clearest fonts, quickest searches and the fastest download speeds but the  backend infrastructure has to be robust enough to deliver the SLAs that the  providers will advertise!  In other words a reliable and scalable network  infrastructure that efficiently and seamlessly helps connect the storage  repositories that hold digital format of hundreds of thousands of books and then  moves and manages this content from within a datacenter over a service provider  infrastructure working its way through a campus network onto the e-book reading  device in the hands of a voracious reader any place… any  time.

Next,  what about rich media?

If a  line of text has the size of several bytes, then images in colour often come in  hundreds or thousands of bytes while a video clip might range from tens of  megabytes to a full length feature film that runs a gigabyte. For a book with  lots of pictures, multiply that by a magnitude of a hundred. Then multiply again  by a million books, and you have an enormous storage requirement in the hands of  providers. To get it into the hands of the readers in seconds, not only a bigger  pipe but intelligent switching of data traffic will be  critical.

Finally, imagine you doing all that stuff while waiting  in the airport lounge or sipping a cool martini watching the sunset on a beach.  No hurry. No rush.  Totally oblivious to zillions and zillions of tiny bit of  data zapping across the networks.

Brocade’s guiding  principles for developing LAN and SAN products to fit these demanding  environments that involve hundreds of thousands of information repositories and  millions of end devices is what Extraordinary Networks is all about.  The growth  of e-book readers like the Kindle and other ‘super smart’ hand held devices is  just another manifestation of mankind’s unquenchable thirst for more information  available ubiquitously and seamlessly.

The  years ahead will require a total revamp of the existing architecture of the  network as the current infrastructure creaks and breaks in the face of this  immense demand.

The  paradigm of the ‘Network’ is all but ready to shift – every paradigm shift  heralds the advent of new ‘Players’ who lead the field…We are in the right place  with the right proposition to be just that.

As we  take time to reflect this past year, spending quality time with family and  friends this holiday season, may I wish you and your families Season’s

Greetings, a Merry Christmas and a Fantastic year ahead!

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