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What (was) that up ahead? - Thinking (and moving) fast in Europe

by Ian.Whiting on ‎03-23-2010 10:10 AM (778 Views)

Blog post by: Ian.Whiting, SVP of Worldwide Sales & Marketing


Where am I? Clue – travelling at 160KM/hr with Bernhard, one of our top sales reps, who does a great job shuttling me between meetings at warp speed. Am I late for my appointment with one of Europe’s leading CIOs to explain how Brocade can transform his network to keep up with today’s “traffic” (pun intended) and tomorrow’s convergence? No, we’re just on theAutobahn in Frankfurt and this is how they roll.


Like the Autobahn beneath us, IT outsourcing is hot and quickly ramping in Germany. Three of my meetings in Germany were with companies who are in the business of offering managed and outsourced services to banks, airlines and travel companies. There is an outsourcing resurgence here and elsewhere in Europe as more and more companies do the math and realize IT stuff is expensive to buy, complex and hard to manage. These IT services company execs remind me of why Bernhard drives a BMW to our meetings. In this environment, like the enterprise data center, performance, reliability and the ability to negotiate fast turns, matter. These execs and other open-minded CIOs demand ultra high-performance links between servers and their data storage. They demand mission-critical levels of reliability and uptime (something we think we know a bit about given that 90 percent of the Fortune 1000 companies run their storage systems on Brocade SAN gear). And most recently they want to know how your gear will help them handle tricky curves like Cloud Computing up ahead. The truth of the matter is that no other networking company on the planet is better equipped to deliver a truly open standards-based, highly integrated and top performing network infrastructure that is the foundation for all data center virtualization and cloud computing architecture. You will be hearing a lot more from us on this topic this year.


Recently merging onto the Brocade ramp is John McHugh. John just joined us as our CMO (that’s the head honcho of marketing for those less familiar with these acronyms). John is what my American colleagues call an “athlete”. As it turns out John is a bit of fitness buff from what I hear – but that’s not what I’m referring to. John holds the reputation of being the engine and driver behind HP Procurve. We are delighted to have John on our team and I am very confident that, similar to what he also already proven in the networking industry, he will continue to set the pace for others to follow. If you see a crowdat the next networking trade show – look closely – it will probably be John explaining the twists and turns of this industry that he knows like the back of his hand.


Well, here’s my exit. Until then…..don’t try handling this road without an experienced driver. Call Brocade – we’ve got the map you need to navigate the next generation of networking highway.