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What Does Brocade, Back-to-School and Saving Bacon all Have in Common?

by Featured.Customer on ‎10-20-2010 03:05 PM (362 Views)

Curtis Johnson - Director of Information Technology, St. Mary's Academy


The school year is now fully under way at St. Mary’s Academy.  The leaves are falling, there is definitely a nip in the Colorado air, and users are punishing the network as much as they can.  We’ve also added a 50Mbps Internet connection, and network utilization has definitely gone up.  As school years go, the start of this one has been the smoothest I’ve seen.

That being said, one recent example of how our bacon has been saved by our fast Brocade network happened just a couple of weeks ago.  Right after I had gone home, a Middle School teacher called me on my cell phone letting me know that there is a flashing folder icon on his desktop.  Just as I had thought, that hard drive was fried in his iMac.  Big problem; it was back to school night and it was imperative that his computer be up and his interactive whiteboard be working! I told him where the spare machines were, and over the phone, walked him through the re-imaging process.  This all took less than 10 minutes including the imaging of the machine thanks to our super fast network.  I then started up the VNC client on my iPad and pulled up my office computer.  From my office machine (from my iPad), I pulled up the newly imaged machine’s desktop (remotely, of course) and configured the rest of the settings for the interactive whiteboard.  This all happened from my couch in about 20 minutes total time.   Back to school night went off without a hitch because we have a network that lets us get down to business quickly.

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