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Welcome to the Era of Software Networking

by KenCheng_1 on ‎11-04-2012 09:00 PM (1,641 Views)

Software defined networking is a disruptive technology that is creating an opportunity for Brocade to gain ground in important customer segments such as large enterprises, service providers, data center hosting providers, and cloud computing providers. Brocade has been pursuing this opportunity with an aggressive R&D roadmap that has already resulted in a number of innovation breakthroughs. For example, we were the first networking company to introduce support for OpenFlow technology at 100 Gigabit Ethernet performance and true “hybrid mode” support for OpenFlow that enables our customers to run this SDN technology concurrently over their production IP networks.


Today we announced yet another exciting advancement in our investment in SDN innovation. We’ve reached a definitive agreement to acquire privately held Vyatta. Vyatta is the pioneer in virtual routing, security and VPN in the software networking segment. Their products and technologies enable customers to build agile, capacity-on-demand networks that can scale up dynamically as data center requirements increase.


With this innovation, network elements such as a router or firewall can become another virtualized resource, which can be orchestrated and deployed like any other data center resource, leveraging the economies of the x86 infrastructure. Vyatta creates the networking and security services that are required between separate pools of compute and storage – whether the pools were created by traditional network virtualization methods like VLANs or by newer methods like SDN.


Brocade and Vyatta also share a common vision in delivering open architectures and solutions. Vyatta’s core technology is hypervisor-agnostic and enables the company to partner with a rich ecosystem of companies including every major server, server virtualization, data center orchestration/ management companies. Both Vyatta and Brocade support a broad range of hypervisors including VMware, Microsoft HyperV, KVM and XEN; along with RESTful APIs and OpenStack support for automation of cloud deployments.


One of the most exciting things about this announcement is that Brocade is already the leader in Ethernet fabrics, which serve as the foundation for the cloud and simplify the physical infrastructure of the network. Brocade’s Ethernet fabric technologies combined with Vyatta’s software networking solutions offer the ideal platform to empower SDN deployments where flexibility, mobility and rapid deployment are paramount requirements.


By combining the assets from this acquisition with our own internal development and our broad strategic partnerships, we believe our strategy is going to be a strong competitive differentiator as the world of hardware and software continues to blur. The move to software networking enables Brocade to move up the value stack to our customers and partners and allows us to utilize both hardware and software development to become truly an end-to-end networking company. Today networking just got a lot more exciting, and Brocade again is at the forefront of innovation.