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VCS Brings Back Memories

by Regan.McGrath on ‎09-14-2010 04:50 AM - last edited on ‎10-28-2013 06:49 PM by bcm6 (497 Views)

My name is Regan McGrath and I am the Vice President of Sales for the Americas for Brocade. I look forward to sharing some ideas around my experiences, what customers and partners are talking to me about, and how this incredibly complex time in IT demands an open forum for communication and collaboration.


I have been at Brocade for over 10 years and in the industry for 23 years. Without doubt, the most exciting time in my career was in early 2000, explaining to customers what a Storage Area Network could do to radically improve utilization, management, and scalability  of their server and storage environment. Higher availability was a great  side benefit that everyone mentioned after the fact as well. It was  incredibly fun because it was simple to explain, everyone had the same  challenges, and the value proposition was incredibly obvious (and still  is). I feel the same way about Brocade’s latest technology introduction  know as Virtual Cluster Switching ( VCS).




VCS is the result of some very smart engineers who have figured out how to radically improve utilization, management and scalability in a virtualized data center. Sounds familiar. I have presented VCS to over 40 customers and the response I get is universal; deliver this and you solve some very real problems that are limiting my ability to fully leverage the power of virtualization. Everyone wants to scale their Layer 2 network. Everyone wants to get rid of spanning tree. Everyone wants to automate network provisioning and VM Mobility as much as possible. Everyone wants a solution to consolidate management of devices. And yes, everyone will take a more highly available environment; all day long. These are exciting times. I thought I was lucky to be part of one incredibly important change in the technology industry. Round two here we come, hold on tight, this should be fun.