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Top Ten Brocade Customer Comments This Summer

by Ian.Whiting on ‎06-19-2009 09:58 AM (550 Views)

10.    “Cloud computing sounds a lot like Utility Computing and Grid Computing - Why is it going to be different this time ‘round?”

9.      “I used to think of my network as just plumbing, now it is one of the most strategic investments I am making.”


(Joe the plumber made a strategic investment in PR)

8.      “Talk to me about how your gear helps to take meaningful cost out of my IT operations now and not in 1-2 years - don’t try to bamboozle me with your TCO calculator!”


(Cisco sales force standard issue “TCO Blinders” for all sales calls)

7.     “Your power efficiency advantage is one of the top 3 reasons we chose DCX over Cisco's MDS.”  I’m guessing the other 2 reasons were price/performance, or performance/price or maybe it was price/price or performance/performance.

6.     “I am not spending any time looking at FCoE until there is much broader industry support from server and storage manufacturers and the price of the switches, optics and adapters come down 50% at least.”  I’m also going to wait for gold to drop to $50/ounce before I get on that.


5.     “Brocade is head and shoulders above Cisco in terms of quality, reliability and ease of use; When I bought my first Brocade LAN switches I didn’t have to sacrifice any of this even though the expectations are much lower compared to the Fibre Channel SAN market."

4.     “Brocade needs to spend more time creating awareness of your vision and product strategy and how this plays into Virtual Data Center and Cloud Computing plans - you should do more blogging,”  I Tweet…therefore…I am.


3.     “By adding the IBM LAN products to my IBM VPA (volume purchase agreement) I am going to get significant overall cost reductions on my servers, storage, Networking and software purchases."

2.     “Why did it take you so long to build your own HBA's? This is going to save me a ton on support and configuration management.”


1.    “Whatever happened to DCX Man?”


on ‎07-17-2009 05:57 PM

I think that HBA question was a valid one, what took so long :-) ? And Infiniband and FCoE are still at a nascent stage - we agree to the customer's point of view on that too.