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Thoughts from Storage Networking World

by Dave.Stevens on ‎04-08-2009 07:30 AM (334 Views)

Just wrapped up here at SNW where I shared our longer term vision for the data center, which includes FCoE and CEE-based products that will help customers consolidate the I/O sprawl that currently exists at the server edge to simplify operations and to increase efficiencies for emerging applications such as server virtualization. FCoE is a particularly effective technology for this and we believe this use case will result in the biggest payoff in terms of immediate  ROI and cost savings.


I was asked by a journalist if our announcement of the new FCoE switch and CNAs means we’ve changed our stance on FCoE adoption timeframes since we’ve been quite vocal and even critical of other vendors issuing FCoE products before the standard has been finalized. The Brocade position on standards has always been a complete commitment to building products that conform fully to the open industry standards and that's what we continue to do. The FCoE and CEE standards have stabilized to a point where we do not anticipate any major revisions to the technical specifications.

Our position on the emergence of FCoE has not changed; we are simply listening to our customers and introducing  new FCoE/CEE products now to allow them to begin early trials of the technology  in their test environments. Based on my extensive discussions with customers, partners and other industry experts, we still believe that customers will be  largely kicking the tires on FCoE through this year and into next year. We  expect adoption and deployments into production environments starting in earnest the later part of 2010 and accelerating in 2011. Whenever FCoE and CEE take off,  we are ready to help customers migrate to new technologies and architectures on their own timetable, not ours.