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The CIO Is Dead. Long Live the CIO

by Alberto.Soto on ‎02-13-2013 09:10 PM - last edited on ‎10-28-2013 09:22 PM by bcm6 (2,386 Views)

Many of you may have heard the 1980s hit "Video Killed the Radio Star" by Woolley & the Camera Club, but did you know that cloud killed the CIO?  Well, according to recent research it has… not literally, but cloud is fundamentally changing the role of the CIO in enterprises.



As businesses embrace cloud services, is the CIO needed?  IT infrastructure isn’t being bought, so why does the CIO exist?  Or, will cloud procurement and management practices drive the CIO to change their role in order to survive?  These are some of the questions we asked 100 CIOs across EMEA, and we found that the role of the CIO will remain pivotal over the next decade as cloud adoption grows, but will evolve exponentially.



To access applications, information and communications systems, the network is not just another ‘device’ in the same way as a tablet, laptop or smartphone – it is the enabler of all business communications, activities and transactions. If that network is not managed and developed appropriately, the consequences can be significant and financially damaging and as cloud is embraced by more businesses, asset management becomes even more important. The role of the CIO in ensuring access to applications and services will become increasingly operationally critical, strategic and central to an organization’s growth.  In short, no more will CIOs be solely responsible for ‘kit’, but they will become more consultative and strategically important to the business.



If you are a CIO reading this, where do you see yourself in this evolutionary journey?  Do you see yourself as a ‘kit’ person, or are you the strategic thinker?  Grab a coffee and take a look at our infographic below and see what kind of CIO you are (click the image to see the animation)…




Whichever role you play, you need to ensure your network is ready for the next wave of innovation. Check out this video to understand whether you are ready to embrace the future.  If you are not, you know where to find me....