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The Appliance of Science

by Alberto.Soto on ‎02-08-2011 12:50 AM (395 Views)

This is a blog very close to my heart – close in terms of how proud the content makes me feel and close as it’s about a customer that is a matter of miles away from my office in Geneva.  My pride comes from being able to tell you about a new and intriguing customer relationship we've struck up with one of the greatest scientific research projects in all of Europe -CERN. CERN began in the 1950s as the European Organization for Nuclear Research and is one of the world's most prestigious research centers.  I am overjoyed to announce that Brocade’s MLXe Core Routers will now be an integral part of CERN's data center.


But rather than me tell you about the win, let's take you to heart of the matter, to CERN headquarters, on the Swiss border near Geneva, to hear from the customer directly.