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Taking It to the Streets! -- Introducing the New Brocade Customer Portal: MyBrocade

by Tim.Graumann on ‎04-20-2010 07:30 AM (446 Views)

In previous entries I described how the network infrastructure at the new Brocade campus in San Jose will support the company’s business needs today and in the future. Up to this point I focused mainly on hardware. Now, I want to talk about one of the many customer-facing solutions the infrastructure will deliver, specifically, MyBrocade. This new Web portal is a one-stop shop that, through continuous interaction, will enable us to better support our customers and extend our reach into new target markets.


Envisioned as an enhanced Internet framework to facilitate more direct dialog with a diverse and evolving set of customers, partners and vendors, this project has had strong executive support and involvement. Other goals for MyBrocade include increased brand awareness, reduced operational costs and enhanced Web capabilities to facilitate marketing, sales, fulfillment and support processes. Originally started in 2008, MyBrocade became fully operational in April of this year.


The MyBrocade portal is a framework that aggregates a wealth of Brocade content, resources and tools. Customers have real-time access to a multitude of self-help resources on a 24×7 basis. All features on MyBrocade leverage a common registration and authentication process. The single search engine, common navigation/personalization structure and global content delivery network enable a truly seamless user experience.


The enhanced Web portal offers customers and others numerous benefits. For instance, users can personalize content by selecting the specific information they want to receive. Their requests give us important insight into their interests, business needs, challenges and communication preferences – insight that helps Brocade build better products and provide them with superior service.


MyBrocade promises to be a leading example of how Internet technology can help grow and scale the business, while realizing cost efficiencies through the automation of internal processes like sales and support enablement, software posting, content publishing and campaign management. To maximize our investment, we leveraged virtualization, SaaS and reusability/SOA. And, we did so with a singular focus on quality.


An initiative of this scale and complexity required a world-class team and exceptional collaboration. Members of IT, Marketing, Operations, Technical Publications and Customer Support worked together to make it happen. We replaced inflexible and high-maintenance legacy tools with a flexible, secure and scalable platform. To ensure a world-class user experience, we engaged the best industry researchers and carefully selected the vendors and tools we used. Most importantly, we conducted lengthy and detailed consultations with customers and partners to make sure that we were providing exactly what they needed.


Today, we are just scratching the surface of possibilities with MyBrocade. Beginning next month, users will be able to create and manage support cases online, and obtain access to self-help knowledge base tools. In addition, the Brocade Web Portal team is currently prioritizing several functional enhancements, among them mobile access localization and multimedia supports. I invite you to learn more by either signing up for your own MyBrocade account or taking a quick tour at