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T Minus 30 Days – Cloud recommendation due on U.S. Gov’s desk!

by Dave.Stevens on ‎06-14-2011 12:09 PM (828 Views)


I am working on my most important homework assignment ever – and it’s due in 30 days.

As a commissioner on the TechAmerica CLOUD² Commission, I, along with other industry experts and academia, have been working on a document to advise the U.S. Government on how to deploy cloud technologies.

The official name of this group is:

Commission on the


Opportunity in


Deployment of the Cloud

I feel a little bit like I did my junior year of high school when I was prepping for the SATs (back in the day when a perfect score was 1600). But this latest assignment involves more than a number 2 pencil and a healthy breakfast. There is still the list of esteemed colleges, but now instead of trying to get accepted by them, I have the privilege of working alongside them to solve this particular problem.

The United States is extremely fortunate to have a very bright gentleman named Vivek Kundra, who holds the unique and challenging position of U.S. Chief Information Officer.  In this position, Mr. Kundra has made it a priority to focus on the latest IT technologies to streamline government costs, while preserving transparency and security. He understands that cloud technologies will be pervasive, cost-effective and vital to our country’s competitive future – and he is seeking advice from the experts to drive the future technological direction of the country.

On February 8, 2011, Mr. Kundra published the Federal Cloud Computing Strategy, outlining his plan to harness the technologies and promises of the cloud. And he has taken the time to meet with several of us in the networking/cloud/data center industry, including Brocade, to understand our vision of cloud computing and the virtualized data center.


This is not the first time business, academia and government have come together to figure out how to move forward with a fast-growing, dynamic technology that will change the way we share information and communicate. Similar to the technical and social phenomenon of the Internet, these three entities are coming together again to shape the direction of this country’s strategy on all things cloud. But unlike the-then slow adoption of the Internet on a wide scale, all of these parties understand the speed at which we need to move to remain relevant in an ever-increasingly competitive global marketplace.

What’s next?

The TechAmerica Cloud ² Commission is planning on presenting recommendations on the deployment and policies surrounding cloud computing – both in the private and public sectors.  Stay tuned for more information after our July 7 meeting and I will help shed some light on how the U.S. Government plans to deploy cloud technologies.