Sun, Sea and Smartphones

by Alberto.Soto on ‎07-18-2011 09:40 PM (489 Views)

Many of you reading this are no doubt preparing for the summer exodus, when work is put aside for a couple of weeks and thoughts turn from spreadsheets to mojitos by the pool. The run up to the well-earned vacation is a fraught one, and packing the suitcase is arguably the most stressful activity.  How many shoes do I take?  What will the weather be like?  Do I need that extra bottle of sunscreen or an umbrella instead?  Is the case within the weight limit?  Questions, questions, questions!


However, based on new research we should be asking instead whether we have room for the data centre in our suitcase.  Apparently 95 percent of European holidaymakers take at least one Internet-enabled device – smartphone, tablet, laptop etc. – with them on holiday as they just cannot bear to be ‘offline’.  More than 40 percent of us even go to the lengths of pre-selecting holiday destinations on their ability to offer Internet connectivity as they are addicted to social media sites, email or streaming content.  That’s commitment to being ‘online’ and goes to show just how much consumer appetite for data has evolved, and how applications such as social media sites are part and parcel of our lives no matter where we are.


However, this raises a question: how do service providers and the leisure industry meet consumer demand?  While many of us demand connectivity to be able to update our FaceBook profiles from the beach, or check our emails in the hotel lobby, just think about what it takes to make all this happen – the network.  More importantly, a high-performance, reliable network that has all traits of the data centre, but one that transcends boundaries and can extend to even the most remote locations around the world.  If you remember the blog that John (McHugh) posted recently, you’ll agree that the research perfectly proves that the data centre is, indeed, everywhere, so a data centre class network is essential.


While the credit crunch still bites, hotels, spas, resorts etc. need to ensure that they can maximise revenues and if tourists want always-on connectivity then that’s what they need to offer.  If they don’t, I guarantee there will be a competitor just around the corner that does and will be more than happy to take the business.  Maybe the modern hotelier should take a leaf out of the books of such facilities as M Resort or Parkhotel Horst and ensure that they can cater for the modern tourist... by deploying a Brocade network.