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Software Products: Simplifying Our Portfolio

by Kelly.Herrell ‎06-15-2015 08:31 AM - edited ‎07-29-2015 08:17 AM (10,240 Views)

The acquisition of Vyatta in November 2012 marked a new chapter for Brocade and how we view the data center of tomorrow. Less than 3 years later we have one of the most robust software portfolios in the industry thanks to aggressive internal development and strategic acquisitions.


This drive to a rapidly evolving portfolio is a direct reflection of customer demands for software and its influence on Brocade’s data center strategy. We have a strong point of view as to how the macro forces of Cloud, Mobile, Social and Big Data are redefining the nature of IP networking infrastructure. Often referred to as the New IP, this industry disruption contains a high software quotient.


Individually, our software products are all trendsetters and award-winners. The accolades are too numerous to list, but they cover a wide range including industry-shattering performance, being declared “Visionary” by Gartner, selection into AT&T’s disruptive list of Domain 2.0 vendors, and a variety of “most innovative” and “industry leading” public awards related to Cloud, NFV and SDN.


As we continue to bring new software products to market - like the OpenDaylight-based SDN Controller – it has become evident that software is now baked into Brocade’s DNA. This is a unique distinction compared to other networking vendors today. Through this cohesive perspective our software and hardware teams are very clear in the shared pursuit of being a leader in software networking.


Now it is time to simplify the way we talk about our disruptive offerings to ensure clarity for our stakeholders. Customers and partners need a clear and descriptive naming convention for our software products in order to understand their respective roles in emerging network designs. While there is strong recognition of previous product names (for example, Vyatta and SteelApp) we believe that reinforcing Brocade as the master brand and using functionally descriptive names instead of acquired brands will better serve our stakeholders now and into the future as our portfolio grows.


Therefore today Brocade has initiated a new, simplified set of software product names.


New Brocade Name

Related Function Name


Former Name

Brocade vRouter



Brocade vADC


SteelApp, virtual ADX


Brocade Virtual Traffic Manager


SteelApp, virtual ADX

Brocade Virtual Web Application Firewall


SteelApp Web Application Firewall

Brocade Service Director


SteelApp Services Controller

Brocade SDN Controller


Vyatta Controller

Brocade Network Visibility & Analytics



Brocade vEPC




Brocade develops excellent products focused on simplifying complex problems for customers and partners to derive maximum value out of their networks. As our software product portfolio flourishes, it’s important that our stakeholders have a clear understanding on the wide (and growing) range of functions, all delivered from the single world-class company focused on breaking the status quo through leadership in the New IP: Brocade.

by bpearse
on ‎06-15-2015 04:19 PM
Clean. Consistent. And provides a better platform for the future.