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Smart Classrooms - Smart Choices

by Featured.Customer on ‎09-08-2010 08:23 PM (1,386 Views)

Rusty Bruns - CIO - Charleston Southern University

Charleston Southern University began replacing its aging Cisco network with Brocade in 2006. Currently, Brocade FastIron® SuperX Series router is at the core of CSU’s network and Brocade FastIron® WS Series switches underlies the infrastructure.

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Cisco’s Clean Access client software had become too difficult to maintain. In addition, Cisco’s support had become less responsive, while maintenance costs continued to rise. After the fall term started, approximately 800 man-hours were required to configure and setup students to function on the Cisco solution. Additionally, many anti-virus software packages were not supported. This required the student to purchase software that was supported. Students and parents became angry due to the additional cost. Annual paper contracts were mailed to students prior to the start of the school year and then manually processed

CSU needed a new solution that would not only provide the NAC capabilities required on campus, but also partners the university could rely on long after the system installation. Brocade® and Impulse Point’s Safe•Connect NAC delivered a secure and predictable. It streamlines and automates the process whereby students view and accept CSU’s technology code of conduct. This intuitive process allows students to resolve their security compliance issues without involving the university’s help desk. It also delivered something the university had been lacking—a strong working relationship focused on delivering a flexible solution.

The Brocade and Impulse Point partnership has provided a turnkey solution that helps protect the network from threats and vulnerabilities, while reducing maintenance costs and improving service and support. The result is a business relationship that continues to thrive to meet the changing needs of the university. The Brocade/Impulse implementation reduced the student help-desk man-hours from 800 to 128, eliminated paper contracts and supported all anti-virus software protection. This was a total solution.