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Simplify, but lose control... not in my data center!!!

by CharlieLeeming on ‎06-23-2010 09:39 AM (506 Views)

In my last post, I talked about how we all – in our personal, and for those of us in technology, our professional lives – are trying to simplify and do more with less. This all sounds good in a data center unless it increases risk and/or lessens our actual visibility for control over our data and applications. We all get great offers and PowerPoint slides about how vendors A, B and C can easily simplify our data center and consolidate tier 1 and tier 2 applications down to virtualized servers.... but often, I am left wondering several things: Have these vendors done this before? Will they be around to support it? Will it really be cheaper when I calculate the OpEx required to manage all those virtual server sessions I can no longer see and touch?

Enter the HP StorageWorks P2000 G3 virtualization bundle!

Today Brocade and HP launched a solution that has been specifically developed and designed to help customers migrate their real tier 1 and tier 2 applications to the cost-optimized world of server virtualization. HP is utilizing specific technologies from Brocade (adaptive networking and server application optimization) to make sure, as you move those applications to a virtualized environment, you can truly identify, monitor and assign QoS to each virtual machine (VM) and application all the way through the network. By providing true application and VM-aware networking, Brocade and HP together have addressed the top two concerns of providing performance under load and manageability in deploying server virtualization.

In addition to developing a turnkey solution with application visibility and control to allow top-tier applications to enjoy the benefits of the virtualized world, Brocade and HP are providing the HP StorageWorks P2000 G3 virtualization bundle to the market with a starting list price of $25,000, with significant savings to the aggregated component pieces.

Now, you just may be wondering, have these two partners ever done this before? In addition to pioneering the SAN industry, HP and Brocade have led -- by a wide margin -- true enterprise SAN development and enterprise implementations. Recently, HP has crossed the seven million Brocade SAN switch and director port milestone, and is rapidly well on the way to eight million. If that’s not experience, I don't know what is.

Happy virtualizing!