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Reducing Bandwidth Cost and Increasing Resiliency of Critical Web Infrastructures

by Jason.Nolet on ‎10-22-2010 06:00 AM (514 Views)

Cost control has and continues to be one of the driving factors for making a profitable service provider business. The fees service providers can charge their end customer remain relatively flat while the demand for more bandwidth has continued to soar. Using Brocade ServerIron ADX application delivery controllers in conjunction with Blue Coat CacheFlow 5000 appliances, service providers have the unique ability to reduce bandwidth consumption by up to 50 percent on Web traffic and to create a buffer to defend their network against unpredicted traffic spikes that can occur with certain Web events or with substantial increases in demand for popular content, such as major news occurrences or coverage of sporting or political events.


Through a close technology relationship and joint development effort, Brocade and Blue Coat have created a simplified and unified solution that distributes network traffic within a Blue Coat cache farm. This unique capability simultaneously monitors the network load, available capacity and traffic patterns for each Blue Coat appliance to help boost network efficiency and help provide customers with non-stop networking. This is particularly important for Web caching applications that focus on bandwidth savings and enhancing the end-user Web experience.


TelstraClear is a recent example of how a joint Brocade and Blue Coat customer has implemented an integrated application delivery and optimization solution. Using a Blue Coat cache farm and Brocade application delivery controllers, TelstraClear has significantly improved the scalability and efficiency of its ISP services, delivering to its customers faster browsing times and reducing consumption of international bandwidth.


Many of the world’s largest carriers have successfully optimized and secured application delivery as a result of the long standing technology alliance between Brocade and Blue Coat. The companies’ significant investment in joint development to create a fully interoperable solution set with Brocade ServerIron application delivery switches and Blue Coat Caching appliances helps service providers worldwide reduce infrastructure costs by controlling bandwidth consumption through a scalable and redundant architecture.