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Our Vision for The Effortless Network

by Jason.Nolet on ‎03-06-2012 04:40 AM (629 Views)

Did you participate in Brocade’s virtual event today?


We had some great sessions, including one on security best practices for BYOD and a panel of our customers discussing their goals for building a 10 year LAN.  You can view them again here. What prompted this event, and the corresponding news, is the fact that there has been a serious lack of innovation in the campus LAN market over the last decade. Hence the announcement from Brocade today about our vision for the future of campus LAN technologies: The Effortless Network.


What does that mean?

Our goal is to radically simplify networking.  To enable IT departments to respond more quickly to changing business needs while significantly reducing the cost of deploying and maintaining networks.  This is our vision.


In case you missed the event, here is what I spoke about in my keynote:

Brocade’s Effortless Network vision is based on a new and unique technology called Brocade HyperEdge technology.  With HyperEdge, customers can deploy, maintain and upgrade their entire campus access switching layer through a single management IP address.  HyperEdge technology is the first of its kind and I’m proud to share it with our customers.


With HyperEdge, customers can also mix-and-match premium and entry-level switches within a single stack, so that the entry-level switches inherit all of the feature richness of the premium switches in the stack.  This unique capability allows customers to build stacks that cost much less and have greater investment protection than any competitive offerings.


If you’re like me and can appreciate a visual representation, please take two minutes (literally) to view this video on HyperEdge technology.


We also announced two additions to the new Brocade ICX switch family, the new ICX 6430 and 6450. These new stackable access switches join the ICX 6610, released in November 2011, and are designed for enterprise-class networks, but are priced to fit any budget.  Most importantly, the entire ICX portfolio of switches is HyperEdge-ready.


I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of the sessions, and hope you did too.  Please share your thoughts on our vision for the Effortless Network and the event.